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Who We Are


There is an extended network of people working to make Room 13 Boston a reality. The core team consists of 13 Directors that also happen to currently be high school students in Chula Vista, CA. The other is Amy Raymond, the artist in residence for Room 13 Boston. Beyond this core group we have lots of people who have contributed their time and expertise to helping us make Room 13 Boston a reality. 

Amy Raymond

Artist In Residence, Room 13 Boston

Hello! I'm Amy, the Artist in Residence for Room 13 Boston. Currently I'm working to make Room 13 Boston a reality and bring arts and design education to a Boston school. 


Since attaining my BFA from CalArts and my Ed.M from Harvard Graduate School of Education my work has focused on Project Based Learning that places emphasis on student leadership and student voice/choice. Most recently I've worked as an Arts Integration teacher for 9th graders at High Tech High Chula Vista. I've also worked professionally in Entertainment Design as a Technical Manager since 2007. This work includes designing theme parks, museum exhibits, and events all over the world. I look forward to working with students in Boston to help them realise their creative potential.

Andres O'Sullivan

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hello, my name is Andres O'Sullivan-Comparan and I am one of the directors of Room 13 Boston. I am an 11th grader currently attending High Tech High Chula Vista, a project based charter school where I am given more freedom in regards to my education and allowed to find my strengths and weaknesses as a student. I met Amy in my freshman year, where I was placed in her advisory. This not only allowed me to form a personal bond with her, but put me in close proximity to an artist of her caliber. With the support of her and others I learned that art was not something easy to define, and although I am not necessarily an "artist" by nature, I found my niche in welding and metalwork. I learned how to sketch up designs in AutoCAD, a drafting program, then bring them to life with my own abilities. This gave me an overwhelming sense of purpose and accomplishment, one that I hope other students and potential artists will feel one day if Room 13 Boston's ideas come to fruition. Art is whatever you make it, and being able to arm students with the tools and guidance to become artists, whether that tool is a paintbrush or a blowtorch, is what me and the Room 13 Boston crew are all about.

Brian Mitchell

Director, Room 13 Boston

Brian is an accomplished builder and baseball player. In 9th grade he played a pivitol role in completing a giant sculpture for a group project that is still hanging at High Tech High today. His calm demeanor and willingness to help has been extremely valuable in the starting of Room 13 Boston. 

Hunter Due

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hey! My name is Hunter Due. I, unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to meet Amy until Sophomore year. She had a sixth period called Curation Crew were most of the other Directors and I curated self driven projects asked to be done by the staff. After meeting Amy she became a close mentor to me, she taught me many new skills about building and further developed the ones I had. Amy has helped me develop more as a builder and even a better person, so when she offered this fantastic opportunity I gladly decided to help out in Room 13 Boston.

With Room 13 I hope to show other students what Amy has shown me. Valuable key skills that any student deserves to have. Im ecstatic to launch Room 13 in Boston. My goal is to create powerful leaders and public speakers for our future, skills I myself hone in on.

McKinley Serra-Mannion

Director, Room 13 Boston

Coming Soon!

Madison Fessia

Managing Director, Room 13 Boston

Hi, I’m Madison Fessia, the Managing Director for Room 13 Boston. I attend High Tech High Chula Vista, a project based school which allows me to learn by exploring real world situations. Amy was my Art teacher freshman year where our working relationship flourished as she exposed us to the world of design. I continued studying with Amy as we created a student curation crew to showcase the work of our student body. I jumped on the opportunity to work with her on Room 13 Boston.


I am excited to be helping to launch the Boston chapter of Room 13 where I’ll be able to apply the leadership and outreach skills that I developed studying with Amy at High Tech High. I’m looking forward to helping students gain knowledge in the design field and make their ideas come to life.

Athena Espinoza

Director, Room 13 Boston

My name is Athena Espinoza and I am a Junior at High Tech High Chula Vista. I am strongly influenced by the amazing people who surround me, they have shaped me into the person I am today. Room 13 is reaching for a goal I am very proud to be apart of. I began as a shy and insecure individual, only keeping to myself and often showing  frustration when working within a group. Once I was introduced to the unique system of High Tech, I slowly opened up to public speaking and group projects, and in doing so, discovered my own individuality in the process. With this organization, I hope to make a lasting impression on aspiring students, in whom I can assist become confident and reliant leaders themselves and push them out of their comfort zones.

Arianna Noriega

Director, Room 13 Boston

Coming soon! 

Hannah Torres

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hi, my name is Hannah Torres and I am proud to be a director here at Room 13 Boston.  I am currently a Junior at High Tech High located in sunny San Diego. My world is surrounded with great people who care about me, an awesome learning environment, athletics and most of all, people who promote success. One of these people is Amy, who was my Freshman Art teacher. Learning from Amy gave me a different perspective of what design and building looks like. I soon found myself having a passion to build and create. 

When Amy approached me about the mission of Room 13, I was immediately sold.  I bring to the already elite group a different flavor – my story - my view of creativity. I am excited to partner with people from all walks of life to bring out the “Artistry” in them. My philosophy is simple, “people already have it in them, you just need to unfold the layers and discover the potential”.

Destinie Mendeola

Director, Room 13 Boston

Destinie is currently a sophomore at High Tech High Chula Vista who enjoys drawing, building, snakes, and learning about the outer reaches of space. It was perhaps these interests that drew her to the constellation project in Ms Amy's Art class. She often spent days after school working on welding her group's Draco the Dragon sculpture. She has been lending her artistic talents to Room 13 by drawing design drawings to help people imagine the concept of the program. In the future she hopes to work as an astronomer researching deep space. 

Nayeli Diez de Bonilla

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hello, I’m Nayeli Diez de Bonilla and I am a director for Room 13. I am currently a junior at High Tech High Chula Vista, a project based school. I never considered myself to an artistic person, until I met Amy. She was my freshman art teacher and she taught me that being an artist can mean more than having the ability to paint or draw. In her class, I learned to use power tools and build. Amy opened a new door for me and gave me a lot more opportunities to apply my skills to the real world. With these new skills, I am able to create new pieces of work and develop my artistic side. I was exposed to a new area that I had never even considered an option before. With Room 13, I hope to give others the opportunities and experiences that Amy offered me.

Sierra Houston

Director, Room 13 Boston

Weather it's on a sports team or soldering wires, Sierra loves to contribute to things she's passionate about. Her curiosity and drive for excellence in her projects has led to some beautiful work. Sierra is extremely interested in how things work, specifically things that are wired for interactivity. She also loves spending time outdoors being active. 

Ylexia Padilla

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hello, my name is Ylexia Padilla and I am currently a junior at High Tech High Chula Vista, a project based school located in San Diego, California. I have been very fortunate to go to a school where I am constantly surrounded by motivating individuals that push their students to uncover their true passions. I have been given the opportunities to participate in community based services, thought provoking projects, and most importantly the ability to design and create. I am honored to be a Room 13 director that will have a role in exposing other students across the country to the opportunities this organization could bring them. I believe students who are able to participate in Room 13 will uncover passions of their own that they themselves wouldn’t have uncovered.

Sierra Gritts

Director, Room 13 Boston

Sierra Gritts is the resident teacher / organizer of the group. She enjoys working as a Project Manager, but is skillful when weilding a variety of tools. She is happy to be lending her insight and organizational talents toward starting Room 13 Boston. In the future she hopes to become a neonatologist.

Todd Piedad

Director, Room 13 Boston

My name is Todd Piedad and I am one of the 13 directors for the Room 13 Boston non-profit organization. I am a student at High Tech High Chula Vista, and one of the reasons I am involved with the Room 13 Boston project is because I believe every student should have a space available for them to create, and design things. At High Tech High I have the rare opportunity of doing just that, and it has been an amazing experience. When I have an idea in my head of something that could be cool to make, instead of forgetting about that idea, I get to design and create exactly what I was thinking about. Not only that but I get to spend time creating things that are other people's ideas too. Last semester I was commissioned by a teacher to create a table for her classroom. Two other classmates and I decided to accept her proposition, and we spent almost three months working on that teachers table. We brainstormed, designed, and built the table together. In the end it turned out to be a beautiful table, and I almost didn't want to give it away. We had put so much time into every single aspect of it that we felt as if the table was ours. With Room 13 Boston we plan to give opportunities to other students to have experiences like the one I had. 

Zoe Smith

Director, Room 13 Boston

Hello! My name is Zoe Smith and I am a sophomore at High Tech High Chula Vista. As an individual, I love to play guitar, create new things, read, play sports, spend time with family and friends and discover my artistic side, especially acting! I am 16 years old and my goal right now is to live life to fullest and take risks! My school, HTHCV, is a unique project based learning school that redefines the traditional structure of learning. It provides students with resources, exposure, a creative and open learning environment, and opportunities that we might find no where else. Speaking of opportunities, I consider my participation in Room 13 as a Director to be a huge one that will empower the youth and provide them with some of the same opportunities that I was given. I became involved with this program after my teacher, Ms. Amy, welcomed and encouraged me to take part in it after I participated in her 6th period class, Curation Crew. Through this program, I look forward to seeing others granted opportunities and participate in environments such as Room 13 Boston and I am excited for all the exposure that I will acquire through the process!