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Why should students learn to design and build?

Short on time?

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Want to know more about the program? Watch the extended version of our video above to learn all about design learning and Room 13 Boston. 

What are we trying to do again?

Room 13 is  above all a community of artists working together in a space. In Room 13 Boston, students will run a professional design and fabrication studio. They'll be welding, building, drawing, collaborating, programming, prototyping, and lots more!


Watch our brief introduction video!

Who will students design and build for?

Donation Perks:

$5 or More

     A donation of $5 gets you an electronic thank you and a picture of Room 13 Boston setup and working.

$50 or More

     A donation of $20 or more gets you a handwritten thank you card from a student who will benefit from the program you're helping start!! 

$100 or More

     Donate $100 or more and we'll put your name on our donor wall. Whenever anyone visits the room they'll see that you helped it get started!

$500 or More

     If you donate $500 or more, we'll send you a piece of artwork made in Room 13 Boston.


10 available  |  0 claimed

$1,000 or More

     A donation of $1,000 or more, we'll have a design consultation with you for a project of your choice. 


5 available  |   0 claimed

The answer is - whoever they want! It could be a single client, a community development project like designing a childrens' reading area of a library, a mock up of a new interactive technology for a design firm, or an art installation at the school. 

Where will my donation go and why does it matter?

Your donation will go DIRECTLY to providing students at Excel High School access to arts education. These experiences will positively alter students' experiences.  Each Room 13 operates independantly, so any donations will go directly to helping start our room. The funds will be used to purchase tools, pay for the artist-in-residence, and cover minimal administrative costs (such as this website). We'll even send you a picture to prove it! 

How is Room 13 Different from other similar programs?

There are FOUR PILLERS of Room 13: Reciprocal Learning - adults and students are all working and learning together without a teacher / student hierarchy. Business Enterprise - students are in charge of the operations of the room, teaching them how to be professionals as well as expanding their artistic talents. Philisophical Inquiry - which means students are encouraged to think about the world in which they live and find ways to express those thoughts. Creative Freedom - students have the freedom to express their unique voice and not be bound by assignments.

Why are students from San Diego in the video above?

The students in the video are the Founding Directors of Room 13 Boston. They started a student-run design class with Amy, the Artist-In-Residence, while she was their teacher at High Tech High Chula Vista in San Diego. Before we had a host school in Boston, these students gave up their free time to make this program happen. They wanted other students to experience the same type of learning that they have access to. Now that students in Boston are leading the program, we'll eventually make a video talking about the progress we've made so far this year.

Why start this program in Boston?

Boston is in the midst of an arts revolution. Mayor Walsh recently appointed an "Arts Czar" and there are programs like the BPS Arts Initiative working to bring Arts Education back to Boston Public Schools. There are also Room 13 studios all over the world but none in the Northeast of the United States. Room 13 Boston will serve as the starting point for other East Coast Room 13 studios! 

What happens after the first year?

After the pilot year in Boston, we're hoping to expand to other East Coast cities. We're also hoping to collaborate internationally with other Room 13 Studios. Ideally creating some sort of art exchange between students in different countries.