MISSION: Empower students through art and design education.


Here at Room 13 Boston we believe in the potential of every young person to be a leader, creator, and innovator. Using the Room 13 International's four pillars of learning (as listed below) we seek to support students in their creative journey by showing them that they CAN create amazing things, CAN think deeply about events in the world, and CAN be responsible for their learning, to themselves, and to each other. 

Reciprocal Learning

Room 13 Boston is above all else a community of artists. There is no hierarchy of adult/teacher above children/students. Everyone is an artist and their ideas and feelings hold equal merit. The Artist in Residence is a working arts professional that develops their own projects alongside students. Students are free to comment, question, and critique their work in the same way that the AiR would question and encourage them. It is a reciprocal learning endeavor based on the premise that you're never too young to be able to contribute worthwhile ideas. 

Philosophical Inquiry

Everything starts as an idea. In Room 13 Boston we focus on the cultivation of deep ideas through dialogue and inquiry. Students are naturally curious and interested in the world. We seek to foster that curiosity by encouraging them to talk about their ideas, seek out more information, and to create representations of their feelings about those ideas. 


Students are the leaders of Room 13 Boston. It is their program to run and grow with guidance as needed. This experience gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their creative development. Students hold roles such as Managing Director, Materials Director, Marketing Director, and whatever else Room 13 Boston needs to function. This gives them practical experience in making professional decisions and running a business.

Creative Freedom

In Room 13 students are encouraged to be creative and think for themselves. The "room" provides them all the resources they need to make their artistic goals a reality. Students have access to quality tools, an artist in residence to help them if they need to learn how to use those tools, and the space to create whatever they can imagine. Aside from safety requirements, there are no restrictions on what they can make in Room 13.

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