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Who We Are


Room 13 Boston is a working art and design studio located within Excel High School, in South Boston, MA. For three years students and the Artist-In-Residence have built a program where students are free to express themselves and direct their own learning. These are the students currently in charge of running Room 13 Boston: Excel High School. 

Elda Sapon Ramirez

Managing Director


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Mark Martin

Director of Operations

My name is Mark Martin. I am the Director of Operations in Room 13. I've been in Room 13 for 2 years and I've loved every moment of it. I love Room 13 because it gives you the freedom to do everything you want. As the Director of operation I'm in charge of the classroom.

Charles Peña

Marketing Director

My name is Charles and I am a senior at Excel High school. I've been in Room 13 for almost 3 years now, including when is wasn't even part of my classes. I love this program because it allows me to express myself creatively. In the future I want to become an illustrator and animator.

An Trinh

Finance Director

My name is An Trinh. This is my third year in Room 13 and my last year of Excel High School. I really enjoy this program because its a free art class and I love the feeling of creating something new everyday by myself. My job is to manage accounting and financing.

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Cade Fuentes

Community Outreach Director


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