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To do high quality work, students need quality tools. Please help us make a shop where the only limitations will be what the students can imagine and build (and the laws of physics). 


Step 1: Find a tool you want to donate. 

Step 2: Use the website like you would an online registry. 

Step 3: Enter your information into PayPal.

Step 4: The amount you "purchase" will be donated to Room 13 to purchase that specific tool. 

Step 5: Room 13 will purchase the tool and add it to the room!

Step 6: *optional* Name the tool! Put your name on it or someone else's name on it - you get to name the tool!! 

Step 7: *optional* You'll recieve a photo of us using the tool to build amazing things.


*Note: Since you're donating the amount for a tool through PayPal - your donations are still TAX DEDUCTIBLE!*

Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through procuts.

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